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Have you met Dr. Nazareth?

Dr. Michael Nazareth is the medical director and owner of Western New York Dermatology, Healthy Complexions Spa by Western New York Dermatology, and Mohs Surgery at Western New York Dermatology.

He is on a mission to revolutionize the way we care for our skin and to get everyone in Western New York to “live skin healthy”.

What is Dr. Nazareth’s Patient Care Philosophy?

In order to give the best care, Dr. Nazareth believes that the patient is a part of the team. It is not enough to just be “prescribed” something, you should know why you are being prescribed that medication and what your other options may be.

Getting to know not only each patient’s needs, but their personalities, learn about their families, and have a good relationship with them, will ultimately translate to better care and better outcomes.

Western New York Dermatology:
Live Skin Healthy.

What is a Board Certified Dermatologist?

Is it important to know that you are seeing a Board Certified Dermatologist? Or that there is one if the office? We believe it is. That is why Dr. Nazareth only has one location. Although he hand-picks his team, he wants to be sure that if there is ever a question, an issue, or just someone who wants to say hello, that he is in the building and just a step or two away.

Complete skincare in one location

Sure, if you have something funky that you need to have checked, or want to treat your child’s acne, you think of a dermatologist. But, what if you are just getting a facial, or want to have CoolSculpting? What if you need to have skin cancer and need Mohs surgery?

Dr. Nazareth wants to make sure that if it involves your skin, you only have one place that you need to go. That is why Western New York Dermatology also includes Healthy Complexions Spa by WNY Dermatology and Mohs surgery at WNY Dermatology.


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